• Monday to Thursday: 9:30am – 10pm
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 9:30am – 10:30pm
Green Fees

All rates are per hour, per simulator (Maximum 8 golfers per simulator). Allow approximately 45-60 minutes per person to golf 18 holes. Our simulators are renowned as the fastest & most “user-friendly” in Indoor Golf!

  • Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 6 PM – $26.00
  • Monday – Friday: 6 PM – Close – $30.00
  • Saturday: 9 AM – Close – $30.00
  • Sunday “Special”: 9 AM – 10 PM – $22.00
Weekday Package: (12 Hours) $260.00
  • Monday – Friday 9AM – 6PM
Unlimited Package: (12 Hours) $300.00
  • 7 days a week: 9AM – Close
  • Monday – Friday: 9AM – 6PM
  • Monthly Membership (calendar month) $189
  • Season Membership (October 15 – April 30) $999

A personal membership is for the cardholder ONLY and is non-transferable. Members are permitted to golf or practice by themselves. There is a 6-hour personal limit each week and is not valid on stat holidays.


We offer Group Rates which can be viewed on our Group Bookings page.

Golf Rates are subject to GST

Times and rates are effective October 2017 and are subject to change.

We are proud to offer multiple league play opportunities at The First Tee.

Our leagues are a fun and exciting way to play with friends and practice your game! There are contests to be entered and prizes to be won in every league, with golf at a discounted price during league play! Don’t take things too seriously though, Fun is the priority here. Choose your league and enter to play, but be quick as leagues – now in their 16th season – can fill up fast!

2016-2017 League Information:

Our Men’s Night Spring League starts in mid-March, and runs 6 weeks mid-April. Men’s Night league play is weekly, with your choice of Sunday nights, Monday nights, Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights, or Thursday nights. Ladies Night league play runs alternate Wednesdays, early evening. For more information, please review our league entry forms.

Entries for our Men’s Night Spring league must be submitted in person at the First Tee with the accompanying $20 entry fee(per golfer). Entries are on a first come-first served basis, as league size is limited.

Men’s Night Entry Form Spring 2017 54.09 KB

Skins Game Entry Form 292.52 KB

Note: League/Tournament information and prizes are subject to change.

The First Tee is a great place to host your group events for the 2016-2017 season! We offer a fun and exciting, comfortable environment to golf and have a great time.

For the non-golfers in your group:

At the First Tee, we’re pleased to offer a Darts Game … throw a series of 3 golf balls at a large (virtual) dartboard on the hitting screen. And, take shots at an approaching (virtual) pirate ship in the bay while playing our one-of-a-kind Pirate Ship game. The First Tee is the world’s only indoor golf centre to provide this fun game! Both games are available at no extra cost to groups!

Contact us about packages for corporate events and team building sessions.


Each simulator (maximum of 8 people per simulator) rents for only $27/hour.

Save money! Golf in a “Scramble” format:

6 people per simulator, 2 teams of 3 golfers, or 3 teams of 2 golfers.

Your group must pay a $100 + GST = $105.00 deposit [refundable] when making your reservation, either by credit card over the phone (receipts will be kept for you), or in person later that same day.

The balance must be paid at least 10 days prior to the golfing date, or your group’s reservation will be cancelled and your deposit held for a later date.

Note: due to the huge discount for “Group Packages”, no discount or promotional coupons may be redeemed.

BONUS: Golf for 4 or 5 hours and …
Rent 3-4 Simulators Receive 1 Golf Pass (Value $30.00)
Rent 5-6 Simulators Receive 2 Golf Passes (Value $60.00)
Rent 7-8 Simulators Receive 3 Golf Passes (Value $90.00)
Rent 9-10 Simulators Receive 4 Golf Passes (Value $120.00)


Food Packages (optional) for GROUPS are available.

Each food package is only $11.95/person + taxes, including a small gratuity.

Our “Group Food Package” …includes mounds of munchies, fabulous Fries and your choice of delicious finger foods.

(All food orders must be placed and paid for 10 days in advance of the golf date)

Golf Rates and Food Packages are subject to taxes. Times and rates are effective October 2017 and are subject to change.

Fundraise … at the First Tee

As a community service to sports teams, clubs, and non-profit organizations, the First Tee Indoor Golf Centre offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some fun and good times, while raising funds for your organization!
Saving 10% off of our regular rates, our “Group Rate” is only $27/hour per simulator! Each simulator can host up to 8 people, but we suggest 6 people per simulator for maximum enjoyment and excellent fundraising capabilities.
For example, if your group comes in to The First Tee from 7:30-11:30 on a Saturday evening, the rate charged per simulator will be $108.00+GST=$113.40. With 6 people per simulator, the golfing cost is only $18.90 per person, including tax. Charge whatever you want per ticket, and the rest is yours to keep for your organization!

Small Group (Example):

30 people want to golf, and rental is arranged for 5 simulators $108/simulator x 5 simulators = $540.00+GST = $567.00 rental.

Charge $30 per ticket. 30 golfers x $30 = $900.00. Your organization makes $333.00 from just ticket sales alone. If each person purchases an average of $5 in 50/50 tickets, your group makes another $75.00. Perhaps each person also buys an average of $5 worth of tickets on door prizes, your group makes another $150.00. Your group makes $558.00!

Large Group (Example):

60 people total, and rental is arranged for all 10 simulators. The entire Golf Centre is yours for the evening for your group. Simulator rental is: $108/simulator x 10 simulators = $1080.00+Gst = $1134.00 total.

Charge $30 per ticket. 60 golfers x $30 = $1,800.00. Your organization makes a quick $666.00 from ticket sales alone. If each person (i.e. 60) also purchases an average of $5 in 50/50 tickets, your group makes another $150.00. And, if each person also buys an average of $5 worth of tickets on various door prizes … your group makes another $300.00. Doing this, your group makes $1,116.00, at just $30 per person. Bump it to $40 or $50 per person, and your group raises $2,500+ … and has fun doing it!! Make it a real night to remember, charge a bit more ($60-$75), get some great door prizes, and make even more money!! You can raise in excess of $4,000.00 with a $75 entry fee! Keep in mind that “outdoor” golf tournaments in the summer on the local golf courses regularly charge $100+ as an entry fee. And here at the First Tee, everybody’s together during the golf, the weather’s perfect, and there’s NO MOSQUITOES.

And more…

At the First Tee … for groups we now offer a fun Darts Game. Throw a series of 3 golf balls at the large virtual dartboard on the simulator’s hitting screen. Lots of fun for golfers and non-golfers! And the First Tee is the only golf centre in the world with a Pirate Ship game. Hit golf balls at an approaching (virtual) pirate ship in the bay, while it shoots (virtual) cannonballs at you! We also have Food Packages available, but for maximum fundraising possibilities perhaps consider asking your guests to order for themselves off our menu, otherwise you’ll have to charge more for an entry fee.


Golf lessons are now available from Garrett McMillan a PGA of Canada Professional.



Download a PDF of our feature sheet.


Upcoming Events

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Contact Us

222 University Park Drive
Regina, SK S4V 1A3

Phone: (306) 565-4653
Email: Click Here


Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 10am - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 10pm

League Nights

  • League Nights each Sunday to Thursday
  • Ladies Night every Wednesday.