Bilbo Signs A Lease Agreement For An Apartment

The Deets: Tolkien Superfan Jim Costigan spent six years building this eco-friendly house he called “Hobbit Hollow”. The house with two bedrooms and two bathrooms tears doors and round windows. To complete the magical environment, there is also a waterfall, a pond and a small bridge that crosses a stream. The only downside, my precious? Hobbit house doesn`t have a certificate of occupancy yet, so you have to settle this first, or live there at your own risk. You want a “Hobbit house” – you know, those quaint little lodges where Frodo, Bilbo and other four-metre-tall half-cubs lived in J.R.R. Tolkien`s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy? Well, you`re in luck: the latest niche trend in real estate listings is all about highlighting small rooms that look like spaces that come directly from the Middle. Les Deets: This beautiful holiday home was built by a Norwegian shipbuilder, according to the list. And while the only Thing Hobbit-y that goes home to it is a rounded stone fireplace, it seems charming in abundance, including different levels and hidden storage areas. If you`re looking for The Light of Hobbit House, this could be the perfect place for you.

The Deet: Don`t worry, this little House in Hobbit doesn`t cost seven figures. The millions in the price tag are perfect for what`s around the small building – especially a 15-hectare plot of land as a wedding venue, with a vineyard, a stone bridge, waterfalls and a view of the hilly landscape. The place simply uses the Hobbit house to make “really unique” wedding photos, according to the list. For what is more romantic on a wedding day than a reference to an epic journey to destroy the cracks of Doom… A ring? Les Deets: Looking for a homemade hobbit starter? This seller had plans for such a house and paid Green Magic Homes to design a 1,600 square meter Hobbit house on this 83 hectare lot. Granted, it hasn`t been built yet, but below is a representation of what it would look like if you decide to go ahead (and pay extra depending on the size of a Hobbit hole you want). To qualify as Hobbit house, houses usually need a few different features: structures partially installed in the ground, with rounded doors, many stone accents and some magical never know what.