Agreement Evaluation

4. GUARANTEE. The parties acknowledge that the borrowed products “AS IS” are made available. In the event that the customer buys products, Infoblox`s standard terms apply. The client does not acquire any property or other property rights over the product or products, except for the restricted right of assessment during the evaluation period. INFOBLOX, ITS SUPPLIERS AND LICENSORS DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES RELATING TO THE PRODUCTS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTIES AGAINST INFRINGEMENT OF THIRD PARTY RIGHTS, MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. INFOBLOX DOESN`T HAVE ALL THE HOLIDAYS TO MAKE, GUARANTEE OR OBLIGATIONS ON THE INFOBLOX KEEPER. IN NO EVENT DOES INFOBLOX WARRANT THAT THE PRODUCTS ARE ERROR FREE OR WILL OPERATE WITHOUT PROBLEMS OR INTERRUPTIONS. THE PRODUCTS CAN BE NEW OR RENOVATED. 2. EVALUATION. The customer can only supply the products supplied by Infoblox in a non-production sandbox environment with the end-user license cap indicated in the offer (provided that: all end-users are authorized by the Customer and comply with the terms of this Agreement) and use at its own risk, for a maximum of sixty (60) days from the date of the evaluation book plus six days (“book date”) or the issuance of license keys for products following the earliest date (the evaluation period), and then (i) the customer can purchase the product at the current price of infobloxx`s list.

Cloud/SaaS subscription and data services are automatically terminated at the end of the evaluation period. Many of my clients ask me why they can`t close the deal with a handshake, and even though the days when multi-million dollar agreements were reached, unfortunately, times have changed. Today, people are quick to complain or turn to legal solutions, and the business etiquette of the past is simply not the same. Imagine that the software installed from start-up accidentally deletes important information from your client`s database or that your client`s files may be corrupted by a hacker. Or maybe your software will knock down your client`s website for a few hours, causing considerable financial damage. To protect yourself and your business, you need an evaluation agreement. If you are the start-up, you also want to prevent your client from stealing the implementation and methods behind your idea. Although this is rare, this can happen (see this short trailer – it`s based on a true story) 7. General7.1 General7.1 The client may not transfer or transfer the client`s rights or obligations to this agreement without the prior written consent of OAG.7.2 All communications must be made in writing and addressed to the main business contact and the legal department of the other party.

The notification applies in case of delivery by the private express delivery service or: if the mailing, five (5) days after payment, this agreement constitutes the whole agreement and agreement between the parties with respect to its purpose and can only be amended or amended by a written document signed by both parties.7.4 If a provision of this Agreement proves invalid, invalid or null, this provision is considered separable and does not affect the validity or applicability of the provisions of the rest of the agreement. The agreement you choose really depends on your specific situation.