Amazon Paris Climate Agreement

The founder and CEO of Inc., Jeff Bezos, confirmed a constant beating of criticism from activists and a vocal group of his own collaborators and announced the creation of a new organization, The Climate Pledge, to achieve the goals of the Paris climate agreement 10 years earlier. “The science is clear: healthy forests, grasslands and wetlands are some of the most effective tools we need to address climate change – but we need to act now to upgrade natural climate solutions,” said Sally Jewell, Acting CEO of Nature Conservancy. Amazon is seen as an innovator who advances real change. A commitment of this size is an exciting opportunity, with the potential to advance change. We welcome Amazon`s climate promises and aggressive ambition to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040, and look forward to working together with great impact. This open access book presents detailed ways to achieve 100% renewable energy worldwide by 2050 and in ten geographic regions. Based on the most advanced scenario models, it is the main missing link between renewable energy targets and the measures needed to achieve them. The book, which brings together the latest research findings in the fields of climate science, renewable energy, employment and resources, takes new steps by covering all the elements necessary to achieve the ambitious goals of the Paris climate agreement. For example, sectoral implementation pathways, with a focus on differences between developed and developing countries and regional conditions, provide instruments for the implementation of scenarios at the global and national level. Scenarios for reducing non-energy greenhouse gas emissions define a sustainable pathway for land use change and the agricultural sector.

In addition, the results of the impact of the scenarios on employment, resource and resource needs provide a significant impact view of the impact of economic management and resources. The promise of Amazon staff to take action against climate change is under increasing pressure. Earlier this year, thousands submitted a proposal at Amazon`s annual shareholder meeting calling on Bezos to develop a plan to combat climate change. Shareholders rejected the proposal. The 15,500 employees have pledged to participate in mass protests around the world on 20 September ahead of a UN climate change summit in New York on 23 September.