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Decide who should have access to read and edit your wiki, and how much you want them to be able to do. Other controls are likely to take the form of “rules of use.” Perhaps there are some style points that users need to follow, or other important guidelines on how to treat their own or other people`s work. However, open access wikis are not suitable for all types of information. Many organizations prefer systems that take a more controlled approach. Even if you choose to use a wiki, there are many different types, so you have to choose carefully to reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls. And the first question is: do you need to create a wiki? As a result, wikis can be used to manage knowledge across the company and sometimes even be open to people outside the host organization. Before considering macroscan evolution (throughout the life of the article), we must make an important distinction between endogenous and exogenous causes of conflict. Our main interest is that of the endogenous forces that originate in internal sources of conflict and disagreement, but there is no denying that, in a significant number of cases, conflicts arise as a result of an exogenous event, typically from a recent evolution of the actual subject of the article and not of its text (see Figure 12 for some examples). Make sure the “Foundation” information you publish is correct and organized. Make sure all your employees know how to use the wiki so that it remains a safe and productive way to collect and share knowledge at work.

To achieve optimal results, wikis require effective collaboration and mutual respect, as well as an appropriate level of honest challenge among colleagues. If you`ve decided that a wiki is the right way, you can create a wiki on your existing servers: free software packages such as MediaWiki allow you to create wikis on your existing servers. Other services, such as Paid Confluence, host your wiki pages on their own systems. In this article, we look at whether a wiki is the right way for you to collect and use information. If so, we`ll explain how to set up your wiki and how to use it effectively where you work. Many organizations use systems like this to redefine their approach to wikis. While continuing to allow multiple users to contribute and cooperate, they must also set more controls on how and when information is changed. In addition, they may be associated with other employment service tools.

But are wikis the best way to keep your information accessible and up-to-date? With a wide variety of data management and communication products now available, companies need to carefully choose their tools. Wikis have also gone further and organizations have new options and new decisions to make. You may have recognized the need for a precise and up-to-date collection of team building activities. If you put them together in a wiki, people from different departments can add their own resources and share their ideas. The flexible structure of wikis allows them to adapt when the information changes itself. In addition, wikis, by recording each step, edit how a project, an area of knowledge or even an entire organization develops over time. If you decide to bring new technologies, there are free and paid options. Some systems allow you to fully design your own wiki, while others can provide templates or even create “Foundation” wiki pages for you.

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